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King size chenille bedspread – emerged as a product of the need of furniture, which were required for two people could sleep in the same place comfortably. It was in the year 1990 was officially established in the market, offering not only comfort for marriages when going to sleep, but also thinking individuals with larger and more corpulent bodies, for whom normal beds did not offer a break suitable.

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Today we can find a wide variety of models, ranging from the most baroque and rustic designs to minimalist models that are at the forefront. The different manufacturing options in the market contemplating buying or ordering a bed that go with certain decorating a house. King size chenille bedspread is part of that family of everyday objects that usually surrounds us in our home, which we simply use regardless of their origins. From birth and were accommodated in a cot, we are used to sleeping on a soft and comfortable mattress (some more than others, of course); but these facilities were not always so. Since the invention of the first cataloged objects such as beds, to the latest business models such as king size beds, there to speak at length.

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The measure par excellence of this type of furniture, is king size chenille bedspread this standard has dimensions that occupy the space of two single beds, resulting wider than a conventional double bed. It is essential to think the location of the bed in the bedroom. Although, generally, double rooms leave us few options for placement as they will have installed electrical outlets and switches in a predetermined, in some homes do have some flexibility in the situation of this place.


If we think our rest area should be as quiet as possible, the preferably we situate in the area farthest from the bedroom door and, if possible, in a place sheltered from which it is not totally right in. In the case of king size chenille bedspread, that we may be more difficult by their larger size, although it is true that whoever acquires it is usually because their space is also suitable dimensions. Install king size beds in one bedroom require a minimum of space. His usual size range around 200 × 200 cm, although it varies depending on which countries. These measures, we can sum the need for side access tables and space, which must be at least 60 cm on each side, although 75 cm is the recommended measure to move with maximum comfort.

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