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Decorating ideas for small spaces – Living in a house or small apartment has its benefits: prices more affordable, easy to clean, it heats faster and cheaper, among others; however, most people ask me who live in small spaces as a problem. A common mistake when decorating a small space is to focus only on functionality and not design. I firmly believe that you can live comfortably in a small place if we design space properly. To this we must achieve balance functionality with your personal style.

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At first it may seem a good idea to have an open environment when it comes to decorating ideas for small spaces. But it is not nice to open door of your house and immediately see dirty dishes or clothes lying is why it is sometimes better to separate private spaces, not to leave everything exposed to naked eye. Every centimeter counts, which is why it is worth investing in furniture that meet more than one function, such as a trundle bed that becomes a couch, a pouf (ottoman) that has storage inside, or a dining table expandable you allows accommodate more people. Key thing is that beyond little multipurpose furniture you have, important thing is that are appropriate to scale of your space.

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After living one place for a long time we used to decorating ideas for small spaces in some way and maybe we are comfortable keeping pots in oven and towels on vanity, but have you considered possibility that you are not using your space in most efficient way? A good exercise is to look at your house and identify “dead spaces”, those corners that could be used better including some extra furniture or giving a different use. best in these cases is to make a low-cost test before committing to further investment to see if it really worth change.


Having space to store is key in decorating ideas for small spaces. However, if you have room to store but do not have a clear system of organization probably you will not find things that you saved. For this there are several options, such as shoe hangers behind cupboard doors that allow you to save even very small objects and keep them organized. Or baskets with labels, as shown in photo above, which is a very simple option to implement. Enough we have talked about colors, which is a recurring theme, especially when it comes to small spaces. In this respect, there is a psychological effect of color and is well known that light colors make spaces seem larger, and conversely strong and dark colors make room feel smaller.

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